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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Loi Lang : potential area of border conflict between Thailand and Myanmar

Loi Lang is an mountainous area between Myanmar's MongHsat District and Thailand's ChaingMai Province. It has 63 sq kilometers in area. Loi Lang, located near Mae Ai, is considered a strategic military post for monitoring drug trafficking. Both sides claim sovereignty over the area.

Myanmar officers cited the Thai-British treaty signed on October 27, 1894 to back Myanmar claims to Loi Lang. However, Thailand referred to a 1980 map to show that the mountain belonged to the Kingdom.

There are 32 Thai military outposts, more than 20 Myanmar army outposts and more than dozen outposts of UWSA (Myanmar's Wa ethnic army) in this area. Border tension remains tense for a decade and conflict can be breakout  anytime.

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